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How to look things up on-line !!!

How to look things up on-line !!!

Here are the FOUR main questions for you before I tell you something you never knew about!..

Question1: Have you ever had pain in your body, neck , shoulders, back, hips or knees?….

Question 2: Have you also tried to look it up online?…

Question 3: How do you know the way you look up things is the correct way?..

Question 4: Do you realise the server (Goodle, Yahoo) will give you results based on the keywords you input?…


SO, this is what happened to you at least once in your life so far. You woke up one day and your shoulder and your back were very stiff. Then you had a quick breaky, jumped in the car, drove to work and now you are sat down in front of your workstation.

Your shoulder and your back still feel stiff, then also a bit achy through the day. You think it’s best to stand up and move about but no luck. Then that little voice inside your head – the one that appears when you start to worry about things- tells you:

“Go on, look it up. It could be a slipped disc and you don’t know about it until it’s too late, or it could be a serious shoulder condition”…..

And here you are. listening to that little fear voice and you are ready to type in your question on your browser!


Look at these examples above. Look at what happens if you just type in what you think is the right question to ask…

The one about your back ends up mentioning the technical term “compression fracture” and the shoulder one says the well-known to everyone by now “rotator cuff injury”!!!…

Then you do this:

You type in the actual technical name of what you think you have wrong with your shoulder (your back, neck, hip and so on…)..

Then the server gives you options before you actually press enter as such. And the top option is usually what we all think is the best to go for. Isn’t this right?????

So you select the top one especially after mentioning the word “exercises” which to all of us is something good for you. And then this appears:

Folks, i’m not saying this information is wrong. No, i am not. What I am trying to point out here is that your search on what is actually wrong with you starts going wrong from the moment that fear kicks in. The fear in your head makes you take rapid decisions or choose something that sounds good for you so as to get rid of the issue. The mistake you make is on your initial search. Are you with me?

So let’s see what would have happened if your search was different in the first place.

Beautiful information by the NHS indeed however it probably isn’t what you need for this particular problem. Your shoulder stiffness is something you woke up with. SO let’s be more specific.



Look at the difference. Three out of the top five answers are telling you that your sleeping position is probably wrong.

So instead of you thinking that you suffer from the technical term called “Rotator Cuff” injury and start worrying about it, maybe take a deep breath and think how you would actually describe the problem to your physio or doctor.

Another mistake you probably still do when you search for pain or injury is this:

You look up how to “strengthen” your back or your shoulder because it’s painful.

Hello!!! Folks, no strength until it gets better. Why do you think strength is the best thing to do for your pain or injury.

Question for me (from you): So should I look up for a stretch for my injury?


You need to understand how things work in your body the same way you know how to do your job well at work or the same way you know how to change your car oil.

There is what you quickly need to know and that’s purely from my 9 years experience in the field, looking after people’s injuries and pains day in day out…

When you are in pain you need to make sure these steps are being followed:

  1. Respect the pain and injury. Don’t give it more to work on.
  2. Rest the injury (not you!) by following basic principles like ice, compression, rest.
  3. If your shoulder hurts make sure you lean your elbow somewhere comfy, if your neck hurts support it well, if your back hurts sit on your chair properly (lots of links in our webiste and blogs enjoy!!!).
  4. Give it a few days to a week. Everyone is different but on average any injury needs a good week to calm down.
  5. THEN, start looking up online on “How to strengthen….”…
  6. After 2-3 weeks when your muscles will get stronger THEN you look up again “How to stretch….”. You never stretch a fresh injury until this time.
  7. Try and look up things as less as possible but this is your guide!
  8. Watch this video!!!

Hope this helped folks and all the very best.








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