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Why am I hurting all over..Why am I in PAIN all the time???

Why am I hurting all over..Why am I in PAIN all the time???

This article will answer these continuous questions….As we discussed in my previous two blogs last week, a hip pain and a back pain never start from the actual hip or back!

I know it sounds strange but believe me this is exactly the case and I have realised it myself after 9 years of experience in seeing patients and treating their problems.

So the root of your pain is not where your pain is!

Meaning, if your hip hurts or if you are in constant pain with your back, the root of this pain is always further away from where the pain actually is. Over the years in my clinical practice and after dealing with a very large number of patients on a weekly basis, I can now confirm to you that the root of the problem is always away from where you feel pain…

DID YOU KNOW? That 99.4% of my patients have the root of their pain away from the actual painful area?

The remaining 0.6% are always accidents like dropping something heavy on your foot..ouch!!!

I will give you a couple of examples that will probably relate to you. Take a look at this…

Example 1

A patient came to me complaining about a non-stop shoulder ache at the back of his shoulder. After examination we cleared any nerve problems so the main focus of the assessment from that point on was the patient’s posture.

As discussed in my previous blogs, good posture starts from being close to the imaginary anatomical line that connects your ear to your ankle bone on the outside!

CLICK on this video to understand the imaginary anatomical line…

So, continuing with the shoulder patient…

When I started looking at my patient’s posture I realised that there was a lot of tension at the lower back area. So, when I asked him to do some simple movements for his back like bending down to touch the floor, the patient was “stuck” around about knee level and could not reach any further than that!!!

To cut the long story short, the treatment combined a lot of work on the patient’s lower back and some soothening work on the actual shoulder pain.

The results of this away from the pain approach were miraculous!!!

His shoulder pain had significanlty gone down to the minimum and then after some basic posture exercises he had to do for a little while, he was pleased to say that his symptoms were completely gone!

So did everything stem from the lower back then?

No, this is certainly not the case. However, the proof is in the pudding!!!

There is always a restriction in some movements in everyone’s body. Different movements will be harder for different people. It is then very important to find these out and work on them through treatment and stretching so as to get more movement back. If we keep living with not much movement then this WILL have an impact on another joint and muscles higher up or lower down of where the restriciton of movement is.

So, when we eventually experience THE PAIN, we know that if we go backwards in thinking what really started it we will always find out that the main cause will always be this restriction in movement somehwere else.


Take a look at these:

  • If you can’t bend down to touch the floor your lower back and the back of your shoulders are tight and stiff. Prediction: NECK PAIN!!!
  • If you can’t twist your upper body (with your arms crossed over your chest) all the way to the right then to the left this means your stomach muscles are very tight. Prediction: LOWER BACK PAIN!!!
  • If you can’t lift your arms up straight over your head and behind you with ease then your upper back is very stiff. Prediction: HIP AND BUTTOCK PAIN!!!

So continuing with my patients examples where the root has always been away from where the pain was. Take a quick look at Example 2…

Example 2

So, back to the Christmas sitting scenario (please read on my last blog http://www.olympossic.co.uk/2-reasons-everyone-gets-injured-christmas/)…where as we said , too much sitting down WILL eventually cause at least one of these problems:

  • Lower back pain
  • Buttock pain
  • Hip pain
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Calf muscle pain


The reason being, when you sit down for long – even at the office- then one of your joints inside your buttock locks-up and decides to do nothing at all, no movement will come from that joint because it is simply locked down…

So based on what we said back in this article, the second buttock joint (on the other side of your body) will then have to start doing more and more to give your body more movement.

And what happens when something does more and more work, beyond “normal”?

Think about it when someone at your workplace has called in sick the rest of you need to compromise and do more and eventually you are knackered!

This is the same with that second joint in your buttocks that does more and more because the other one – the locked one – does not move at all. You need movement around your buttock joints and your hips to move your legs forwards and walk!!!

So the sitting down causes one joint to lock-up in your buttocks (you only have two!!!). Then the other one needs to do much more so as when you stand up and start walking again you can have enough movement given.

So in this example, the locked joint caused the identical one on the other side of your body to do more and eventually tire itself out. And this is why some of us feel a Back Pain, Hip Pain, Calf Pain, or even Sciatica…So the root of the problem once again is further away from the actual pain…

Fascinating isn’t it???


Example 3

So , back on one of my previous blogs about headaches!

Once again, the root of the problem is somewhere else, further away from the pain.

Think of what you normally do day in – day out at the office…

Sitting down and leaning forward aren’t you???

You always leave a big gap between your back and the back of your seat. Then your back muscles (including the back of your shoulders, middle of your back and lower back) are all trying very hard to keep your body back and stop you from leaning even more forwards. But the problem is that you don’t really notice this big effort  from those muscles. All you do is simply carrying on leaning forwards. Because you are too busy to think about your posture, because there is a deadline to be met. Maybe also because you are short-sided so instead of getting the right specs you find it easier to keep leaning forwards!!!

(To zoom in the picture and read more please click on the picture or simply go to http://www.olympossic.co.uk/my-head-is-banging/)

Have a look at this picture, mainly the red lumps on the right hand side…

These are called the “knotts” and these are always there whether you feel a knott or not. They always sit there making your muscles stiffer. The reason they exist is because your muscles are constantly tired because they work hard every day. So, the knotts continue being there for longer because your posture is poor. As we said before, when your posture is poor, then the muscles at your back work harder.

It is those knotts that then start creating pain which also “shoots” up into your head and around the forehead. So no matter how many pain killers you have had so far, the root is still there. No matter how many times you rub your head, the root is stil there.

Think of it as a pipe leakage in your house, the engineer always points out the root to you so you know for next time. And that root of the problem is always away from where the leakage is..Correct?

This is exactly the same when it comes to your own body and how pain is created. Have a think folks…


And the same applies to when we don’t stretch at all. In my last few posts and blogs before and during Christmas, I could not emphasise more the importance of stretching even if this is done for 5 seconds at a time!

Click on this short video if you haven’t seen it yet. This is a 5-second stretch which I reccommended to everyone over Christmas. Have a go yourself!

Let’s quickly address the implications of not stretching at all. This does not just apply to Christmas but to any time of the year that you sit down for too long.

These are some of the very important effects of no stretching:

  • Decreases the quality of your blood circulation
  • Stiffens up your joints
  • Which means possibility of early arthritis
  • Causes movement restriction in different joints
  • Meaning injury somehere else (as we said before in this article)

So when you don’t stretch at all, then all these things can happen to you at any point in your life. So your Back Pain, Buttock Pain, Hip Pain or Sciatic Pain once again will be a result of something else. In this case lack of good blood circulation, creation of knotts or early arthritis. And these in turn will be down to the fact you don’t stretch at all.

So, pain is a fact. It always makes its presence one way or another and it hurts. By rubbing where it hurts or just by taking pain killers you DO NOT treat the root of the pain. Yes it works for a short term and that’s probably all you need BUT it will happen again. And the second time it might shift the pain somehwere else. And so on…

Here is what you would need to do, when pain starts again:

  • Try and think if there is a pattern. For example, after you do something specific. For women, is this muscle pain related to your monthly cycles?
  • If there is a pattern, try and change it. If the pain comes in after 3 hours sitting down, stand up in 1.5 hours have a stretch then sit back down again. If it is related to women’s cycles, have a think about nutrition and if you get enough estrogen food which is what you need most at the time.
  • If there is no pattern, this means the root is still there from a previous injury. Try and quickly run in the past and think about accidents, injuries, pain. Have you ever had a whiplash accident in the car? Had it properly been treated and gone or…did it leave you with a weak neck?
  • Do not panic because this will make pain worse. Because you tense-up and you make those “knotts” worse.
  • Use some stretchings to see if they help. If they do, the fact that you haven’t been stretching enough can be the main root of the problem (as we discussed earlier on).
  • If they don’t help, advice an expert opinion.

Here are some links to some useful mobility exercises and stretches:


Hope you have enjoyed the read folks. For any further assistance or any questions on Pain Management and Injuries please contact CHRISTOS on:

07527-836-754 or christos@olympossic.co.uk



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