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I bet you had one incident in the past that you twisted your ankle, you rolled over your foot, you pulled your back or you did your shoulder….And then you went “I will rest it for a few days and I will be fine”…


It does to me and it did to my patient yesterday, Alison. And after this, everything changed!!!…

Do you want to know what happened to Alison yesterday?…

Alison (in her 40’s now) came to me with an on going Achilles pain at the back of the ankle joint. As I got to know her more through our treatment sessions, I realised how much she loved Netball and that she had played it at a decent level too. Through our chit chats, she brushed over some previous “niggles” she had. So here is the interesting part of all, are you ready?????…….

Alison had an ankle sprain a long-long time ago playing Netball. As you now probably think Dear Reader, she was younger back then so things did not tend to bother her much. Do you agree?

You do and I do but read what happened next….

She decided to rest it for a few days and then she slowly went back to training. And then the ankle got better and in no time Alison felt like she had never sprained it. Ten years down the line, she now has a foot pain at the Achilles Tendon area. For those who don’t know where this is, take a look at this.

(For your own information, this hairy leg is not Alison’s!)

So despite the intense treatments her “Achilles” Pain was not shifting. Then I decided to start looking at the front of Alison’s ankles and I tried to figure out if there was any obvious difference. And there wasn’t!….

However, and here is when it gets interesting…

Once I started to have a feel on the front of both the ankle joints, I then realised (and Alison felt the difference too!) that on the foot where the “Achilles” Pain was, there was a lot of fluid on the front of the ankle. Nothing that you could spot with a naked eye but both myself and Alison felt the swelling and the fluid and this was only when I actually started pressing around the area. Alison then remembered that, that was the previously injured ankle!..

Why is this important???…

Because, once we started manipulating the swelling and pushing it out of the joint where it was sat comfortably for a full decade (without Alison knowing!) she came to me saying that for the first time, the “Achilles” Pain was gone!!!…And this was yesterday!…

Dear Reader, are you still with me?…Have you realised what has just happened??..Alison’s back of the foot pain was gone after getting rid of the problem on the front of the foot!!!!!!!!!!….


Take a look at this and you will understand everything…

Like a wire connection, when something goes wrong at one end, the other end suffers the consequences. I suppose similar to your WiFi connection at home. And this is exactly how it works inside your own body. Take a look at this model:


Do you understand this?…Here is a very simple and a very quick explanation for you:

The injury from the past is being neglected because it felt better. But this DOES change the way you walk. Because you start to compensate. Meaning, you will start putting more pressure into other muscles and joints. So years later, yes years later (!!), this extra pressure will cause OVERUSE of those muscles and joints to the point that injury and pain will eventually start kicking in. And no matter how much you treat the area of the pain then, you won’t get anywhere without start thinking “WHAT HAPPENED LAST SUMMER”!!!…Or shall I say ten yeas ago!

And I bet now you are thinking:

“Does this also happen when you get a bad shoulder or a bad back?”..

YES IT DOES!!! And this is how…..


When you injure your shoulder or even when you pull your back, your neck and shoulders will always compensate. So, what happens is one shoulder shrugs-up and becomes higher than the fellow opposite shoulder. Like this picture…

But you don’t know…So, back to this model below, compensations will then start and they will change the way you walk. And this is because you now lean on one side more, meaning you are now creating more pressure onto the muscles and joints of that side.


After you have been compensating for days, weeks, months and years then this extra pressure will eventually create a second injury or a niggle which (and I guarantee you this!) will NOT be shifting at all and it will indeed start to irritate and bother you. And this is purely because your initial injury went untreated, unhealed and it simply had not recovered properly to allow your body and your own biology to do what it has to do in the right way.  Resting things and ignoring an injury WILL not heal the problem but it will only calm it down. Then your brain, clever as it is, will give the pressure somewhere else and then you go “It’s gone , I am fine now”…

What you don’t now though is that not only you started putting pressure somewhere else but the way you walk (as a result of this) has now changed forever and new injuries are on your doorstep. And once you let them in, they make themselves comfortable….


  • Understand the injury and respect it. Don’t start rubbing it or pressing on lacrosse balls !!!!!!! (it’s the fashion these days!)
  • Consult professional advice on the duration of the recovery (be careful on how you look things up online. Here is one of my other blogs to help you do that the right way CLICK HERE TO READ).
  • Work on the way you walk whilst you are injured (to prevent the “compensations”!).
  • Don’t stretch and don’t start strength training unless is the right time to start again.
  •  Make sure your posture is ready to go once the injury is ready to go!!!…
  • Always “maintain” a good plan to keep that injury happy…and stop it from happening again…


Hope this helps folks. For any further advice please feel free to contact me on christos@olympossic.co.uk. You can also text-phone or WhatsApp me on 07527836754. For LinkediN please follow me on “Christos Christofides” and for Facebook please follow me on “OLYMPOS SPORTS INJURY CONSULTATION”.

Many thanks for reading and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE :)))




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