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The REAL link between SHOULDERS and HIPS !!!!!

The REAL link between SHOULDERS and HIPS !!!!!

Yes indeed!!!…Your shoulders are connected to your hips. It’s a fact and I am going to prove it to you right now!..Just like that!..Just so we can carry on, can you tell me if you ever felt pain, ache or stiffness in your shoulders?…Or have you ever experienced stiff or painful hips?…This is because they link between them. And they do this in the most beautiful way which will fascinate every single one of you. So take a sit and make sure you are ready to face something that you have never seen before in your life!!!!….




Can you see this ???…

The left shoulder is higher than the right!!!…

The shoulder that is higher will always be the shoulder that does more than its fellow opposite one. The fact that this shoulder is higher shows more use and more tension. And here are the 3 MAIN causes of one shoulder working more than the other and I bet you, you will relate to at least ONE of them. Are you ready?…Here you are:

  1. Carrying weights on that hand or elbow. Shopping bags are a prime example after you left Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s, or even Waitrose!..
  2. Answering your phone and resting it on that shoulder whilst leaning your head into it…Mmmm I think that’s you Dear Reader!…
  3. If you are right or left handed!…Right handed people tend to use the left arm to do things whilst the right hand provides good rigid support. And vice versa…

So, just quickly memorise your answer….And watch this below!…



Don’t get confused with the arrows and the different colours. The BLUE arrow shows where the leg is, and the RED one where the leg SHOULD be. The black area between the arrows is just showing the gap between them. Basically, the leg on this picture (person’s right leg) goes out.


This only means ONE thing and ONLY ONE thing. Get ready for this folks we are getting there now!!!….

It means that the right hip is very tight!!!!…Because it is dragging the whole leg towards it.

And these are the MAIN causes of a tight hip and I bet you, you WILL relate to at least ONE of them. Here you go:

  1. You lean on that side when you sit down for hours in the office!…
  2. You sit down with crossing that leg over the other one…
  3. You lead with that leg when you walk, run or exercise…
  4. You just do everything with that leg…possibly because the other one is weak..

WOW!!!! I am so excited for what you are going to see in the next 10 seconds…Ready?…Start scrolling down nice and slowly….I mean it…SLOWLY!!!!!….

WOW WOW WOW!!!!…Can you see what I see?????…

  • Can you see the left hip and buttock moving very awkwardly???….
  • Can you see the bottom of this guy’s T-shirt ,how much is creasing at the left side comparing to the right???…

DO YOU KNOW WHY ?????? Because the right hip is super tight meaning, the left one will be all over the place…Ohhhh I am sooo excited to show you how!…


Take a look at this…this is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !

This shows the connection between one shoulder (or back of the shoulder- same thing!) to the opposite hip and buttock. This is because of the way we are made. Through evolution, our development from a quadrupedal to a two-legged animal, made certain muscle groups work a little bit differently to how they used to be. By standing-up from all fours, we are now supporting our whole body weight on two hips, two legs, two knees and two feet. This change made certain muscle fibres to point to different directions. The diagram above shows how the fibres of the buttock muscles on the right hip are connected to the lower back and from then the same fibres start pointing to the left shoulder and arm!…And vice versa…

TEST IT YOURSELF!!!!…DO this quick test at home…It will leave you speechless…So:
  1. Stand-up still..
  2. Put your left hand on the left side of your back and your right to the right back so they are touching your back…
  3. Now take the right leg forwards…and feel which side of your back pumped more…

I bet it will be the left!!!!…So, it is the opposite site to the leg that you just stepped forwards….That’s because the right hip/buttock is linked to the left back and back of shoulder (as per the diagram above). These diagrams were made after true dissections folks, believe me..I have been to a few and I have seen this with a naked eye!…Fascinating, I know…..

Here is some sporting examples of this cross- relationship between one shoulder and the opposite hip/buttock:



The reason I am showing you all these today, is to be aware that one of your shoulders will always be higher than the other for the reasons we mentioned above. And because of this, the opposite hip will be tight.

  • Picture 1 shows the right leg of this patient, pointing outwards. And as explained, this is because the right hip pulls the entire leg towards it.
  • Picture 2 shows the left leg of this patient pointing straight down than going outwards…HAVE A LOOK!!!!


So the left shoulder is higher (see picture at the start) and the right hip is tight. Meaning the left hip is weak!..Carry on reading..we are nearly done and you will be shocked in the end!….


  1. LOWER BACK INJURY, as your lower back lies between the one shoulder and the opposite hip….
  2. Groin injury of the leg that the hip is tight…
  3. Shoulder PAIN
  4. Early Arthritis
  5. Cartilage tear in the Shoulder or the Hip Joint…


Find the weak hip. This is the opposite to the tight hip. Basically it is the hip on the same side of the higher shoulder!…Are you still with me???

Then start tensing-up the weak hip after a good heel strike on each step of the weak leg. Basically, heel strike to get a good impact first and straight away tense the buttock muscle of that side until you switch to the other leg and back again.

THIS QUICK VIDEO WILL SHOW YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PRACTICE…See what an amazing transformation within seconds!

So folks, how does this sound?

Give it a good practice and I guarantee you results. So let’s summarise.

  1. Find out which shoulder is higher. This will be the tighter shoulder too.
  2. Avoid the wrong habits with it and be more aware of keeping it down.
  3. The opposite hip is then the tight one and the hip opposite to the tight hip is the weak hip. One hip tight – one hip weak!…
  4. The weak hip needs tensing-up when you walk, after a good heel strike first.
  5. Repeat on every step for 3-4 minutes, twice a day.
  6. Keep the speed of your walk moderate so you can focus on tensing-up the weak hip.

Hope this helps!…For any more information and questions please email me on christos@olympossic.co.uk or text- ring or WhatsApp me on 07527836754. Please don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our Facebook Page under “OLYMPOS SPORTS INJURY CONSULTATION“.

Many thanks for reading and all the very best X



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