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“Ouch! I must have slept funny…” :(

So let’s take a normal day at the office…
You wake up, get ready, get to work and then you sit down to start your day.
Then you feel your neck stiffening up.
And then you go “Ouch! I must have slept funny…”. How many of us said that at least once up to now?
Some of us say that every day!!! J
Yes you might have slept funny the night before but chances are you haven’t!
Chances are, you slept fine all the way through BUT whilst at work that day you were sat down in that bad posture we spoke about last time in my previous blog (if you haven’t read it please do!)…
Bad postures bring the shoulders even closer to the neck causing very stiff neck! (see the two pictures below – Which one is the bad posture you reckon? Look at the level of my shoulders!)
This posture with the stiff neck can then last for days before you even start actually feeling it…Then it onsets an makes you go “Ouch! I must have slept funny”!
Now when things at your neck go stiff what happens is all the muscles around your neck and shoulders change their size and length and they go short-tight-stiff. And they will continue to do so for days or even weeks without you even realise it…
Because it becomes a habit! A very bad one…
Habits are those things we do or the positions we get into without thinking too much or without the need to think about it at all because our brain wants to save some good energy for us for other things like work, training, life and commitments…
As you can tell from the muscle diagram below there is a big number of muscles covering the neck the shoulders, the lower back and the hips.
If the neck and shoulders go stiff-short-tight (as we said above) then they will start pulling lower down where your lower back is and your hips.
This obviously means lower back pain, hip pain and much more…
Think of it like an elastic band that starting from your neck and going into your hips. The band then gets very stiff on one end (neck) therefore it will start pulling the other end (lower back and hips). Now when your lower back and hips start hurting (the other end of the elastic band) then they will start pulling the muscles at the top to take revenge!
And this will become a vicious circle of pulls and pain!
Don’t forget you will never feel all these pulls and all these “arguments” between your muscles. What you will ever experience is simply pain!
This pain as you can now appreciate is the result of different pulls which you were not aware of in the first place because you were just sat down the way you always have done (bad habit!) because you are indeed too busy to deal with other things at work and outside work.
And the reason you still sit bad right now whilst reading this is because you haven’t read my previous blog on posture!!! 🙂
Next one up – HOW TO STOP INJURIES for good!!!!!
Enjoy guys 🙂

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