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Do we do too much?

Today I would like to point out the importance of understanding how much is too much!

It took me a long time to find that balance between work, training and rest. The word rest in this text will be replaced with the word “recovery”…

Let’s take the car example for now.

You drive it for days, weeks, months, years…It’s by Law now that an MOT must be done every so often so does a full service where any problems or even potential problems are mentioned by the experts.

What do you do next?

You listen to them and you follow what has to be done!

Do you know why?

Because it’s the Law!





I wonder if it wasn’t mandatory to do all these checks if any of us would really bother?!

Or even if we did, the question is how often would we bother doing these checks?…

On the other hand, we do do look after our cars anyway. Aren’t we just?

Especially on a shiny sunny day we take them for valeting and we also make sure we got the best air fresheners hanging off the dashboard too!  🙂

How true is this though…

Here is one for you:

Do we really look after our body as much as we do our cars???

working-tired-RH knee

Like the car, your body is your own engine which you basically couldn’t live or function without…

Maybe without a car you could, for example jump in a taxi, train, bus or even walk to places and do things.

Without your body functioning at its best you couldn’t do anything.

I am sure we all agree on this!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is another one for you:

What happens to the brain when you don’t look after yourself propelry???


You go to work every day but you moslty looking forward to that special weekend ahead!

Isn’t that just right ??? 🙂

Weekend is here, and all you do is clean, tidy up, go shopping and all the other things which you would not have the time to deal with through the week because of work.

Nothing wrong with this guys. What is probably wrong is the pace you do all these things and the amount of recovery (rest) that you really don’t give yourself in between.

So your brain is still on the go!

Whether it’s called work, or a busy weekend it is one and the same. The brain recognises the same signals coming through your muscles contracting and pumping fast to produce work. Your muscles are also spending the same or even more amount of energy and glucose (your muscle fuel) to produce tasks. Basically exactly what you do in the week!!!

Then recovery (rest) goes out of the window because your brain and body haven’t properly rested to give you that energy needed for another busy week ahead.

The EMOJI Example below will help you to realise everything!


On this diagram the emoji takes a good deep thinking at the bottom before starting a busy week ahead. Then every step the emoji makes there is an equal and even recovery period and then the same the following day and so on.

Half way through the emoji is happy now knowing that everything runs smoothly and it feels good to balance out hard work with recovery. At the very top of the staircase which represents your week, your month or even your year ahead or even a simple task that you work your way towards, the emoji is now delighted and over the moon all went well and with this attitude there is plenty of energy in the batteries for the next task ahead.

During this task there is also minimal chances of something going completely wrong or even that the emoji will pick an illness. Reason being, there is always something left in the tank for the next step, or if you want to call it the next day?…


EMOJI Injury

On this next example, again there is a deep thinking before the emoji starts its journey ahead. And so, it deigns…Half way through though this time the emoji is still a bit dubious and unsure whether things are going the right way but it carries on…this time with very little recovery and much more work!

In the end, after eventually reaching the top (if it does ever reach the top) the emoji is exhausted, scared for what is ahead next, and basically has run out of fuel, energy and enthusiasm. What follows is a big fall off that top step because there is nothing left!

An illness, sickness or injury are all this fall…

All these though can further escalate to being more and more time off to recover well until the brain (the fuel) gives the heads up to the engine (your body). During this time, you don’t feel yourself. This can lead to feeling sad, inactive, even depressed and ever so anxious of what lies ahead. And this can only become a viscious circle if you don’t realise that those recovery steps on your staircase should be slower, longer so as to have better results.

Permanent results are always better than short term ones…Have a think guys…

Thanks for taking time reading this.

Feel free to share on Facebook and any comments or questions email me at christos@olympossic.co.uk


Next one up: How to live pain free!



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