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How to keep your BACK healthy!

How to keep your BACK healthy!

Do you think you have strong hips, strong buttock and strong back???

Keep thinking so! YOU ARE WRONG- Look at this below…



BACK is located at your BACK and for this reason you can not see much of what actually happens. You wouldn’t know what your back actually does whilst you walk or exercise.

Watch this…

If you can lift one leg straight up in this position without using your lower back BUT your buttock muscles instead, then you are a winner!!!

Your lower back should not help you too much meaning when you walk or exercise it should let the buttock and the hips do more because they are meant to. The GLUTEUS MAXIMUS is a MAXimus muscle therefore it should be mega strong but in most of us it is not. By saying strong i do not mean big or bulky!


Whether you train hard in your squats or whether you do lots of hip or buttock work, it does not mean your Glute muscles are strong trust me!!!

Strong buttock (Glute) muscles means they are able to do the job and help the body move and exercise without asking for help from your back.

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of cases with lower back problems or leg injuries or even shoulder pain and the majority of the time they all stem from one and only problem – WEAK GLUTES!!! 

“But why, i do lots of squats!”…or”what you trying to say, that my bum doesn’t look good!!!“…I know..LOL…Heard everything all these years trust me 🙂

Because you feel toned at your bum or strong at your back it does not mean they are protecting you when you walk or exercise.


Because you use your lower back more than your buttock muscles when you move, walk, train…

Therefore, pressure is on your back, meaning the rest go weak!

Try the exercise above and see if you can follow it step by step. If you do then your back will let your glutes go strong the right way.

THEN you are in a good direction!!! 


Love you all




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