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The REAL reason why INJURY and PAIN exist!

The REAL reason why INJURY and PAIN exist!

If you want to know where injury and pain stem from and why they exist then this is the best read for you!

After this read you will know what to do from now on!

So, I would like you to think what movements and activities we do day in day out and list it in your head for me in 10 seconds:)

I will list a few things too and see if we agree, here you are:

Walking; running; standing; sitting and playing sports. Can’t think of anything else can you?

Maybe not because these are the basic movements and activities we all do at all times!

Oh hang on you missed cooking! Yes but this is standing which i already mentioned above…Cheeky! 🙂

So we live in a world and in a lifestyle full of these basic movements and activities. And all these movements and activities are always done in a specific way aren’t they?

For example, we all walk forwards, mainly aren’t we?

Also, we all sit down on our hips and lean forwards to work; we all play sports in a certain way depending what that sport it is.

Running = forwards ; Tennis = hitting the ball with enough power so as to put it into our opponent’s area over the net; football = covering a certain distance on a pitch so as to produce a goal and win and so on…

All these are actions and behaviours that we inherited from our ancestors. Maybe it all started from generations back, thousands of years ago when man hunted for pray day in day out.

This was done forwards, mainly. Then we inherited this habit and here we are today moving forwards, on a straight direction.

But, have you ever wondered what would the world be if we all moved backwards?


Or, if we actually had to move backwards as well as forwards..Strange i know.. You will soon find out where i am coming from trust me!

So, if we moved a bit more backwards (maybe not just backwards!) then we would have used more muscles at the back of our body, maybe more definition and strength too?

We would probably have stopped injuries that we now pick all the time in the back of our legs like sciatica, calf problems and BACK PAIN!

And maybe the front of our thighs wouldn’t be as much of a “dominating”-strong muscle meaning less strain on the knees and potentially less tightness in the hips. As a result, less stress on the lower back…

There is a reason why our Quadricep muscles contain the most blood of all the muscles in the legs. Because they are the biggest out of all whether you are of a small build or not…

So, if our Quadriceps were not as strong as they naturally are, then we wouldn’t have been breaking personal best records when squatting, which always makes it easier to pile up weight and reach some wow numbers on the bar.

OK, so where am i getting at?

We, humans created movement, then behaviours. Then we decided that these movements can design a Sport. It was in our genes and our DNA all that time to become runners, lifters, riders and sports people. Sometimes we would also sit and wait for our pray and then jump!

Hence our desire to include “box jumps” in gym programs, it’s fun but mainly because once upon a time it was part of our life.

One day we then said “this is Sport, this is running, football, rubgy, long jump, tennis” and so on…

Then we said that “this is how you play football and these are the dimensions of a football pitch”.

What if we chose smaller pitches?

We would have to run less and maybe use the brain more than both the brain and the body together!

Meaning maybe less exhaustion and less injuries. Think about it…..

And then we said “this game best last for 90 minutes”!

What if it was down to sixty? When do most injuries occur in Sport in general?

Towards the end, most of the time…When fatigue and tiredness kick in…

But it’s us humans that we said “Three attempts in long jump”, we said “10K run and this route!” and we said “5 sets in Wimbledon” !!!

And so on, if you understand where i’m coming from by now you can start thinking of hundreds of questions to follow.



I wonder if there would be so many foot and ankle injuries if we didn’t mainly run straight ahead (forwards). I wonder if there would be less knee injuries only because we would run in more than one directions.

Would that not make us more focused on our technique because we would have to change directions therefore be more ready for it?

Instead, we are having to use the same technique all along and lose focus and then we get injured!

Do you get me more now?

Who said play tennis this way and not with two hands holding the racket and just hit it up to the sky?

Instead we hit it with good enough power just over the net (so not as high as to the sky!).

Because it would be boring wouldn’t it?!!! 

Oh yes!…

We always wanted suspense, adventure and adrenaline…Again, DNA…Homo Erectus…Ancestors…thousands of years back, running after our pray, waiting, defending ourselves from enemies and creating all these characteristics in our brain…


Same concept. We lift with power, we nearly blasting our sessions in the gym without slowing down and without thinking about those smaller muscles that we need to use, which are more stability muscles than power muscles!

Do you know why?

Because that would be less fun…because we are naturally a strong kind of mammals and we always want to show it and feel it…

And also because we haven’t got much time so let’s do a “proper” workout, not a “soft” one!

But it is us humans that define time in the first place.

So folks, we have created time, directions, demands, rules, jobs, sport and we are controlling our lives this way…We are the only mammal that did this more than anyone else in the animal kingdom. But we only did it in a certain way. And then we created injuries, we created pain…

I am certainly not suggesting to start walking backwards! 

All i’m saying is that we need to start thinking outside the box, start training in more directions, start spending more time thinking which muscles we neglect. Maybe learn more about posture muscles and stability than just strength. Maybe start thinking if we actually walk properly at least. Not many of us do…We just maintain habits over the years because we let every day stress overtake.

A big proportion of you might go like “What?!”, some others will disagree but I am sure some of you read this with some good thinking and will come up with a lot of questions how to change things.

Fire away, this is why I am sharing all these with you!







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