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Do you want to stop having a bad Back?  After reading this, you will !!!

Do you know why you get a bad Back?

Especially if you are indeed careful how you lift things and how you sit in the office…

Here is the answer for you!

Because you ignore your neck, shoulders and your legs…

I will explain…Look below, when we talk about Back we usually point to the lowest part don’t we?

lower back womanlower back man

The part we all call the LOWER back!

Now, look at the diagram below . Would you ever call someone in your house by saying “Come to my lower house”?!


Nah! I doubt it. You would go “Come to my house”. So you look at your house as one unit. So you should when it comes to your own BACK too…

You still point at the lowest part and complain that that’s where the pain is BUT…

….make sure you understand why you feel the pain there.

Look at the diagram above once again. The back of your neck, the back of your shoulders or even the back of your legs are part of your BACK!

Oh yes!

If any of these is weak or too tight then the “Lower” Back goes!

Okay okay examples please!!!

Try and catch yourself when you chat away or when you are typing too much or even right now reading this…



I am not a magician nope! 🙂

It does lean forwards because it’s not strong enough to keep back all the time. Because maybe you are in a habit of leaning toward your computer screen at work which is far away from you!!!

And if you do that at work for eight hours I am sure you will do the same when you get home tired and start watching telly…and so on…

Weak neck means things below the neck will have to work hard to keep you back as you are not meant to keep leaning forwards because guess what???

You will fall!


Let’s move below the neck now…


The shoulders. When stiff they can cause “Lower” Back pain too!

Stiff shoulders doesn’t mean you have to actually feel stiff or tight. But even if you do, what is the plan of action?

“I’ll be fine!” or “It will go, i’Il have had worse”….

It won’t go and you won’t be fine!!! 🙂

Stiff or tight shoulders mean the muscles at the back of the shoulders take a lot of pressure, they are in a lot of stress and basically they shrink in size because they have had enough! This will result in poor flexibility not only through your shoulders but your arms in general!


So there is you trying to lift the kettle bells in a class or trying to lift and carry things around with no flexibility in the arms.

Guess who will try and help the arms and shoulders???

Your “Lower” Back!!!

Then you go “Ouch! My back is gone!”…”But I lifted it carefully”…”How?”…”Why?”…

It doesn’t matter…Your flexibility around the shoulders was not good enough that’s why your “Lower” Back stepped in to help and then...”Ouch!!!”

Imagine if you haven’t even lifted that weight up properly!!! That will be it 🙁


By sitting properly and lifting things the right way you are limiting the chances of pulling your Back.

However, the main thing is to try and avoid leaning your head forwards by keeping it back through your neck muscles, meaning you will get stronger at your neck!

Also, make sure your shoulders are not stiff, tight or haven’t shrunk in size by stretching them and your arms before, DURING, and after a long day at work or training…

NEXT TOPIC: How our legs and the way we walk cause Lower Back injury! 

Thanks for reading!





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