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Runner’s Knee!




Knee pain!

A bit about the knee…

Your knee joint is by nature a joint that doesn’t give you an incredible amount of movement anyway!

(Credit to Gla.ac.uk picture)

Flexion and extension are the basic movements meaning bending and straightening…
It’s a synovial joint too which means the joint contains synovial fluid. This is a dense fluid that protects the joint all in all.

So your knee is made of the top end of your shin and the bottom part of your thigh bone. Also, your knee cap is obviously a major part of it !

(Credit to Precision Nutrition picture)

So what holds your knee cap attached to your knee joint???

The answer is THE PATELLO-FEMORAL JOINT!!! Wow! Have I lost you already? Stay with me I will explain in simple language 🙂

Underneath your knee cap there is a bunch of ligaments holding it to your knee joint. These ligaments together are called the PATELLO-FEMORAL JOINT! (Patella =knee cap in Latin; Femoral = thigh bone in Latin)…

So, have you heard of RUNNERS KNEE??? I bet you have!
Every doctor now is diagnosing knee pain with this label!
They are not wrong but it needs a bit more explanation so you all understand why this injury happens and how to prevent it…

It won’t take me long, just read this:

When your knee bends, your knee cap goes down.
When your knee is straightened out, your knee cap comes back up.
The main muscle responsible for these movements are the Quadriceps or the Quads! Let’s throw a bit of slang:))

With training the Quads go very tight.

What happens when a muscle goes tight???
It pulls its attachments together.

What’s that mean?
The muscle becomes shorter than it should be…

Yes, go on… so what?!
Well, in this case the Quads will pull your knee cap and they will disturb the smooth Flexion/Extension movements.

Remember what happens when your Knee Flexes and extends… the knee cap goes down then back up (read above if I lost you!)…
This means, if that up and down movement of your knee cap is disturbed by the very tight and short Quads then the ligaments underneath the knee cap (the PATELLO-FEMORAL Joint!) will be angry, irritated and annoyed!
This means one thing………

Or should we throw a bit of more slang again?:)

Thanks very much for your read,
Next blog soon on shoulders! :)))


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