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“My head is banging” !!!

“My head is banging” !!!

Or shall we say in medical terms “I got a headache”?! Headaches are the most common symptom of every day life and they can vary from very bad headaches to very mild ones depending purely on the pain levels and the stiffness that comes with it, especially around the neck and shoulder areas. These are… Continue Reading


WHAT IS SCIATICA? Sciatica is the condition where the sciatic nerve (picture below) is being pinched somewhere along its full length. This nerve runs from the lower back and travels through the buttock into the back of the leg and down to the heel. The sciatic nerve gets pinched because of pressure. This pressure can… Continue Reading

How to keep your BACK healthy!

How to keep your BACK healthy!

Do you think you have strong hips, strong buttock and strong back??? Keep thinking so! YOU ARE WRONG- Look at this below…     BACK is located at your BACK and for this reason you can not see much of what actually happens. You wouldn’t know what your back actually does whilst you walk or… Continue Reading

Piriformis Syndrome: A myth or real?

The Piriformis Syndrome is well known across the globe! Have you ever wondered if there is actually such a thing called “Piriformis Syndrome”? I have the answer for you and you will be very surprised! Take a look at this first… The word “Pirum” in Latin means “pear”. So Piriformis is a pear shaped muscle. This muscle… Continue Reading

Runner’s Knee!

    Knee pain! A bit about the knee… Your knee joint is by nature a joint that doesn’t give you an incredible amount of movement anyway! (Credit to Gla.ac.uk picture) Flexion and extension are the basic movements meaning bending and straightening… It’s a synovial joint too which means the joint contains synovial fluid. This… Continue Reading

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