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Yes indeed folks. It sounds crazy I know but what I saw yesterday on my patient “Mr A” is something that not only can change your lives but it will also give you a great understanding on how to protect yourself from your own injury demons!!!….What I am going to show you in about thirty seconds from now, will simply leave you speechless!.. Then you will be able to predict your own injuries and know what to do to stop them!… 


They say, a picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t this just so true. It is to me at least. So, take a look at the picture below please (OMG I am so excited for you guys!!!)…

Can you see what I see????…

Or in fact, what can you see?

YOU: Some muddy trainers mate. Have you lost it pal?!…

ME: I can see a right shoe (the one on the left on this picture) that is worn out right on the ball of the big toe!!!!!


ME: OH AYE!…Watch closely…Or I ‘ll tell you what…Here is the picture again with a magnifier. Just for you! :)….

Can you see it now???!!!…

Comparing it to the other shoe (the left shoe is on your right!) the difference is phenomenal!…Read this fascinating story of Mr A and you will learn so much within minutes!!!…

…….So Mr A have been having HIP issues (more buttock pain than actual hip but it is indeed very similar) for the last few years.

Mr A loves Sport including hiking, long walks and football. We have been treating his symptoms, as you do, but also correcting his walking posture where Mr A learnt how to “switch on” properly some muscles that he never knew he had (!!!) and some other important things too…

Meanwhile, he has been improving very well and over the course of a few months he is now in the right direction and with no hip pain up until yesterday…Mmmm…I WONDER WHY???!!!!

So Mr A texted me on Friday to see if I can see him earlier than his scheduled appointment which was initially planned for the back end of this week. When I finally rang him two days later (I apologised as I always get back to my patients right away. I think it’s the golf taking up some of my concentration lately!), he sounded concerned over the phone..

So Mr A came at OLYMPOS yesterday with no limp neither any changes in his walk but he was indeed concerned about the buttock pain which as we know up to now, it had gone!…

Or has it???….

So after a good assessment on his hip and the surrounding joints and muscles, I felt the old injury flaring-up again. Right in the middle of the buttock muscle. I know many of you already use search engines to find out more about their injuries but folks, be careful not to jump into early conclusions with all this information online… Mr A is still a little bit nervous on what the problem is today as he doesn’t want to go through the same pain again or having to stop his leisure…So…

….finally, I felt that exact point shown on the picture above, in other words the old injury…Mr A felt it too! He went “Ouch!!!!” or shall I say he “jumped off the treatment bed” but only for a split of a second so don’t worry, he was fine after that!…Well, I say so but Mr A knows best…And here is the interesting news folks, are you ready???…


………Mr A indeed presented the same symptoms as before, though this time the scar from the past injury just flared up a bit, without really receiving another serious blow at all. But what is VERY interesting is that, despite the right form of walking and all the big changes I put Mr A through, he was still using the ball of his big toe too much….You can see it from the picture can’t you???…

YOU: WHAT?????
ME: Wait and see…Are you ready???..

So, Mr A was using the ball of his big toe too much. Meaning, he has been pivoting through that toe too much. Because, as you know, the big toe is your pivot isn’t it?..

Watch these pictures below showing you that you do pivot all the time, when you walk, when you take the dog for a walk or even when you get out of the car you pivot!..

Yes you do pivot!!!..But there is nothing wrong with that. What’s really wrong is the fact that when you pivot a lot on one leg/foot like Mr A then we have a problem folks.


Simply because we are not meant to do it as many times just on one leg. But here is the million dollar question:


…and here is the MILLION DOLLAR ANSWER

Because we are compensating for something else that our body wants to forget about, protect and get on with it…

YOU: What you are on about you?!

ME: I’m telling you, this is a FACT!…

And here is the B-E-S-T  information of all, watch this….

We pivot more on one leg because the other leg has had an injury, days-weeks-months or years ago!!!…And we just let it “healed” or just plotted along saying “I will be fine”…

What you don’t know though, is that (as I kept saying in all my posts recently) your body found a way to adapt around this injury and compensates so as you can carry on with your life.

It’s TRUE !!!!
And you didn’t really know that because no one ever does you see. It is one of our body’s mysteries and surprises I shall say…Because your body wants to keep you happy and get on with things and your busy life. So….


In this case, Mr A has been having a habit of pivoting too much from one big toe, which took us a while to discover but here we are, we did discover it in the end!..Woohoo!!!..Take a look at this, if you haven’t seen it before from me, it is so simple to understand…

Does it makes sense folks?…

So Mr A had an old injury which brought this new injury for his HIP. The new ongoing injury for Mr A has been the buttock pain which initially went but because he carried on with some secret habits, it did indeed flare up again…But…oups…hang on…

YOU: What’s the big toe got to do with the HIP???!!!!

ME: Well, take a look at this below my dear friend…

(snapshot and edited from youth.be/fGK-bGR_7qw)

—>>> Can you see the yellow arrow pointing at the pivot foot and how the same leg/hip (green arrow) is also pointing where that foot is?…

—> And this is exactly the link between the hip and the foot. The rotation, twist and pivot of your foot ALWAYS comes from your HIP.

Remember this!!!…

And this is why Mr A was experiencing the same buttock pain all over again…

Because he had that secret habit of using his big toe too much to pivot and turn. And he did that on the right leg because his left foot has had a nasty injury years ago. And back then his posture changed. He had been loading more on his right foot over the years. And then we treated the pain initially and changed his posture but that secret habit was hiding deep in there!…

So here is what you need to do to avoid these habits and to stop yourself from future problems. Well, I shouldn’t say that should I because it will be more custom for me :)!!!..But I do it because I care, this is my job, I care..I am not just finding and treating the problems but I do care about every single one of you…So,

  1. Keep the best possible posture despite your injury…
  2. Work to heal the injury whilst keeping this posture alive (!!!)…
  3. Check under your shoes four weeks into your injury and see if there is any wearing-off on your big toe area…
  4. If yes, you pivot too much from it and an injury on that leg is on the way…(HIP, KNEE or SHOULDER!!!)
  5. If no wearing-off, there will be some but at a different part of your shoe!!!…Let’s see what this will mean to your injury future..

Hope this helped folks,

Once again here are my contact details for any further help:

….I saw the HIP inside many times hohoho…:) Lots of love 🙂












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